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Getting An FM3 In Mexico



There have been many changes lately to the process of immigration status, we are currently compiling this information and will share shortly, thank you for your patience. The following information has changed a lot.

We recommend you set up an appointment with our local Immigration Lawyer to help guide you through the process.


Up until 2013 the following was true but so many changes since, the following will be changed but we are not the experts and really would prefer to forward our viewers to the experts that can help you. We have discovered their are so many people going about these changes under the guidence of friends or other references on the internet. However, each situation now is unique and different rules apply, what works for someone else, may not apply to your situation. Please consult Sergio first, for $250 pesos, he can meet with you to review your case and explain what is involved to apply for temp/permant status and what the new process is for your vehicle.


Previously to 2013 An FM3 allows you to stay for more than 6 months in Mexico (12 months), and keep your foreign car in the country. You can hire someone who will do all of this for you (prices vary from $80 to $150 + fees per application). 

Non Working FM3

You will find some information on the official site For the forms, click here.

What you will need:

  • Photocopy your passport (all pages including blank ones!) and bring the original
  • Bring your exit visa (they will keep it while you go through the process)
  • Proof of residency which would consist a photocopy of a rental contract or a photocopy of a utility bill (CFE, Telmex)
  • 3-4 months of your bank statements (copies must have your name on it) and any investments you have (They are looking for about $1,200 per month for 2 people)
  • Marriage license
  • FM1 Form filled out - click here

Puerto Vallarta Migration is next to the PEMEX where the cruise ships come in. In Bucerias, the office is on the road that leads to the Royal Decameron.

First Visit

Step 1 - Get your "ficha" or ticket number. 

Step 2 - Verify your documentation with the agent and receive a form to pay the fee (currently $491 pesos) at the bank.

Step 3 - Visit the bank, pay the fee (Puerto Vallarta - in the same complex as the Starbucks a short walk towards Centro/Bucerias - next to the Oxxo there is a Bancomer).

Step 4 - Get 3 copies of the receipt (Puerto Vallarta - Soriana/Bucerias - Pharmacia Guadalajara next to the Bancomer)

Step 5 - Bring your bank receipt and copies and you will be letter with a return date.

Things to get before your second visit to save time:

  • Passport picture (front & side view)
  • Write your name in the back of each photo with a fine felt tip marker or pencil
  • Photocopy of the picture page on your passport with expiration date

Second visit

Step 1 - Get your "ficha" or ticket number.

Step 2 - If approved - get your second bank form ($1,294 pesos) - try to pay it right away and return to continue the process

Step 3 - Provide the copy of your passport photo page + passport pictures

Step 4 - Receive a letter with a date to pick up your FM3

Third Visit

Step 1 - Get your "ficha" or ticket number. You can also show your letter and see if they will pass you right away, as they simply need you to sign something.

Step 2 - Sign the papers and pick up your FM3!

TIP: It is a good idea to call before going for your final visit to pick up your might not be ready.

FM3 Renewal

Renewal is much easier.

You will need:

  • Photocopy all pages (including blank ones) of both your FM3 and Passport.
  • Fill out the FM1 (click here) form again.
  • Marriage license
  • Proof of residency (rental contract or CFE/Telmex bill) If you changed addresses, you should make sure they do a change of address at the same time
  • 3 copies of you bank statement (3 months) with your name on it to prove income.
  • Bank fee of $1,294 pesos.

FM3 Change of Activity

To open up a business in Mexico, the first step is to perform a change of activity on your FM3. The fee for this is $2,042.00 pesos (payable at the bank).

You will need:

  • Photocopy all pages (including blank ones) of both your FM3 and Passport.
  • Letter in Spanish requesting the change of activity on Company letterhead (the company you plan to start up).
  • You need to fill out the FM1 (click here) form again.

TIP:  If it's a slow day, they might show you what to write.

Once you get your change of activity on your FM3, you can start the process of getting a business license.  It is highly suggested that you hire a lawyer to handle the paperwork.  It will save you hours of headaches, especially if your Spanish is poor. 

Visit our Legal Services Page for suggestions for lawyer.