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There are a few ways to get medical attention if you need it. There are some local clinics and Hospitals nearby.  Nobody plans for accidents, so it’s probably best to get to know the right places before anything happens (and carry around some extra cash too!).

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Ambulance
  • Medical Services
  • Dental Care
  • Doctors
  • Eye Care
  • Chiropractors, etc

US or Canadian citizens, for more information, please visit the local Consulates.

NOTE: Although the Consulate takes great care in compiling a list, they or Best of can not guarantee or otherwise assume responsibility for the professional competence or integrity of the individuals/companies whose names are listed below.

Honorary Canadian Consulate Puerto Vallarta
Edificio Obelisco Local 108
Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio # 1951
Zona Hotelera Las Glorias
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
C.P. 48300

Phone: (322) 293-0098 / 293-0099
Fax: (322) 293-2894

U.S. Consular Agency
Paseo de los Cocoteros #85
Sur Paradise Plaza, Interior Local L-7
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit
C.P. 63732

Phone: (322) 222-0069, (322)-223-3301
Phone & Fax: (322) 223-0074



HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is a multi-faceted, independent, resource network that is here for your TOTAL health and well-being.

They offer multiple no-charge and minimal-charge services to the residents and visitors of Vallarta and Banderas Bay as your comprehensive solution for all of your healthcare needs.

Travel Reports

Travel report from Canadian Government:


Nobody plans to get sick, but if it happens, it's good to know where to go. Centro de Salud (translated Health Center) is great for little emergencies and issues. The consultation fee is $51 pesos.  Waiting time can be minimal (we cannot guarantee that statement) depending on the current trend of ailments (Is it flu season?).  Other Doctors in and around Bucerias are excellent and English is spoken.  Doctor Mauro Malja Santoyo charges around $250 pesos per visit and comes very highly recommended.  Click here for more specific information.


If you need medicine, or your prescription ran out, you will find that Bucerias pharmacies are very reasonable. Prescriptions are recommended, but if you know what you need, or if you bring your empty box/bottle, they will refill it. As always, caution is required if you decide to "self-medicate". It's always best to see a doctor.


Many US and Canadian citizens have discovered substantial savings (even after the cost of the vacation) by having quality dental work done in Mexico. Mexican Dentists & Oral Surgeons are equal to the best available across the world. Dental training and certification in Mexico is very similar to the Canada/US. Four years of dental school, followed by a one year internship, then a professional exam. Look for a Dentist that is a member of the ADM (Associacion Dental Mexicana) or the American Dental Association. Certification is not mandatory, but ensures they are up to date with their training and ethics.  Stay away from dentists with bad teeth!   Click here for listings of local Dentists.

Prices (USD) range depending on the Dentist, but they start at:

Root Canals

Pricing may vary, consult local Dentist for current pricing.

Hospitals - Private


Location: Puerto Vallarta

Hours: 24 x 7


Telephone: 322-224-9400
Call from Canada or US: 001-52-322-224-9400

Address: Puerto Vallarta - Av. De Los Tules #136. behind Plaza Caraco

Services: New state-of-the-art facility with MRI, CAT scan, lithotripsy, Cardiac Services, Dialysis, International Services Department. All specialties, Level IV Trauma Center, bi-lingual. Community Services Program.
Most insurance accepted.


Location: Puerto Vallarta

Hours: 24 x 7


Telephone: 322-226-2080
Call from Canada or US: 001-52-322-226-2080

Address: Plaza Neptuno Marina Vallarta

Services: Ameri-Med is a network of medical facilities in Mexico that provide full medical services based upon U.S. standards of health care. Offer a full range of emergency and routine services. Facilities are staffed 24 hours a day with bilingual, in-house physicians who are specialists in emergency medicine. The only specialized Radiology clinic in Western Mexico.


Location: Nuevo Vallarta

Hours: 24 x 7

San Javier

Telephone: 322-226-8180
Call from Canada or US: 001-52-322-226-8180

Address: NEW - Paseo de los Cocoteros #55
Nuevo Vallarta.


Location: Mescales, 10 minutes south
from Bucerias

Hours: 24 x 7


Telephone: (329) 296-5444
Call from Canada or US: 001-52-1 (329) 296-5444

Address: Carretera Tepic Puerto Vallarta, No 67 Sur, Mezcales.


Many of the pharmacies (farmacia) are international companies governed by international standards that assure quality. Many drugs that are available only by prescription in the US are available over the counter in Mexico. In some cases, the variety of combinations and doses is more limited than in the US. However, in general, prices are significantly less.


Farmacia Guadalajara

Location in Bucerias: right on the main highway (south end of town) by the road leading to the Royal Decameron.

Ambulance & Air Evacuations

Air_Ambulance_Mexico Six ambulance companies provide service in Puerto Vallarta with a combined total of around 24 ambulances. Three offer air evacuation (including to the US). Competition in this area has helped promote good service while keeping costs down.

Air_Link_Ambulance_Puerto_Vallarta AirLink Ambulance

Telephone: 01 (800) 024-8600 or worldwide: +52 (333) 629-8700
Call from Canada: 1 (866) 826-1177 or US: (888) 673-7427
Web Address:

Air_One_Ambulance_Puerto_Vallarta Air One

Telephone: 01-800-262-8911 or worldwide: +52-81-8400-1234
Call from Canada or US: 1-866-222-4985
Web Adress:

  sorry, no image MedLink Ambulance

Telephone: (322) 226-2080
Call from Canada or US: (888) 673-7427


The following US companies fly medical evacuations from Mexico:


Air Ambulance (Miami, Florida, US - dispatch)

Our team is specialists in arranging medical flights which are staffed by Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics. We give the same attention and support to all patients, from Basic to Critical Care Including: Stroke, Cancer, Fragile Patients, Heart and Transplant Patients, among many others.

Telephone: (305) 868-5378
Call from Canada or US: (800) 827-0745


Air Ambulance America (Austin, Texas, US - dispatch)

Sometimes critical care or emergency patients need to get advanced care from a specialized facility that is hundreds of miles away, air ambulance can get you there. What if disaster strikes when you are on vacation?

Telephone: (512) 479-8000
Call from Canada or US: (800) 222-3564 (US)

Travel Insurance

Here are links for purchasing reasonably-priced supplemental medical and medical evacuation insurance, as well as travel protection. You may wish to also check with your regular health insurance company.

United States

Travel Insurance Center
AIG Travel Guard
Binational Emergency Medical Care