Festival Sayulita 2020

Jan 31 - Feb 2

The Festival is ready to party with the tagline “Movies, Music, Drink and Life.” In this year the Centro Creativo comes to life, it represents the community and has been the main project of this festival along the years.

The Festival Sayulita team is dedicated to highlighting the best they have to offer the world. They started the Festival to share and all profits from the event go to buying and building the community center, the Centro. 


Instead of a multi-day event that takes place once a year, we will mix it this 2020 to highlight the best of Sayulita!

The Sayulita 2020 Festival will bring the theme of the Community to life, integrating the events of CINEMA, MUSIC, TRAGO, LIFE and ART that you know and love in our Sayulita lives throughout the year.

This seventh year represents a renewed commitment to our community vision, The Creative Center, and all that it has meant for Sayulita.

Prepare for nascent events at El Centro and other places in the community. Think of monthly movie nights, theater productions, farm-to-table dinners, live music under the stars. Imagine an even more fun Fun Run, followed by yoga, drinks and music.

Think big. Think creative. Think about the community.

For more info visit www.festivalsayulita.com

Date: February 02, 2020