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Phone: Local 322-168-5664 or 1 (604) 210-2120 from US or Canada

Hrs of operation: 9 am Monday & Wednesday

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Price Range: Adults $60 usd (reg $89) / Children $35 usd (reg $59)

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Reservations: yes

Best known for: Untouched by time, San Sebastian is one of Mexicos last remaining colonial towns...


San Sebastian del Oeste

Once a small silver mining town located in the Sierra Madre mountains, the town was built in the late seventeen hundreds and has never lost its Mexican charm. Boasting a beautiful Spanish built church, silver mines, tienda, Hacienda Jalisco, and much more. On this tour you will learn about Mexican culture and lifestyles of the eighteenth century.


At 4,500 ft. with pine trees, the air is crisp and clear and at night it can be quite cold. In the surrounding valley you'll find cattle, corn and coffee plantations. This local coffee is excellent and you can sample and purchase it in town.

The mines were, in part, responsible for the start of Puerto Vallarta. Then known as Las Peñas and consisting of just a few huts at the mouth of the Rio Cuale, it was used to supply the mines with salt which was taken by mules up to San Sebastian and other mines in the High Sierras and used in the smelting process.

San_Sebastian_Jalisco_Street   San_Sebastian_Jalisco_Bridge 

Colonial Mexico Perfection - Founded in 1605, San Sebastian del Oeste was one of the gold and silver mining centers of Mexico. At one time a provincial capital of 40,000 people, you will find it strangely deserted with only about 600 people living there now.

San_Sebastian_tour_vallarta San_Sebastian_Jalisco_Villagers San_Sebastian_Jalisco

Adults $60 usd (reg $89) / Children $35 usd (reg $59)

Duration - Approximately 8 hours

What's Included

  • coffee plantation
  • Tequila tour
  • guide
  • lunch
  • Refreshments

What to Wear & Bring: Comfortable walking or tennis shoes, Light sweater, Money for souvenirs & photos

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