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Address: Agustin Melgar No.2 

Phone: (329) 298-1219

Hrs of operation: Mon - Fri 7 am - 9 pm, Sunday 8 am–5 pm

Category: Best Local Services - Automotive

Price Range: $4-$8 USD

Payments accepted:

Reservations: not neccessary

Best known for: CAR WASH - Auto Detailing - Interior clean and shampoo and engine cleaning.


Top Wash Mobile Car Detailing & Car Wash

Services Include:

FULL SERVICE CARWASH - Your car is completely vacuumed, thoroughly washed and dried, and every window is cleaned both inside and out.

EXTERIOR CAR WASH - Your car is thoroughly washed and dried, with white walls cleaned and brightened. *Add $1.00 For Mini Vans & Pickups

RUST INHIBITOR - Protective Spray. New special two step rust arrestor process: First the entire side of your car is given a high pressure Chassis Bath to help knock off built up dirt and grime. Then Rust Inhibitor is carefully sprayed on the underside of the chassis, wheel wells and rocker panel area for maximum protection.

WHEEL BRIGHTNER - Two step process. Specially formulated chemicals dissolve disc brake pad film grease, and road film. Your wheels or hub caps will sparkle with their original beauty and luster.

CLEANMASTER CARPET SHAMPOO - Quick, deep-penetrating carpet shampoo. Special cleaning solution is sprayed directly into the carpet, loosening soil and then extracted through high velocity vacuum.



Top Wash Mobile Car Detailing & Car Wash is Green

Protecting the environment as a green business. Top Wash is working to conserve water and energy; reduce pollution and waste; and make our operations environmentally friendly.

In addition to reducing our impact on climate change, being green is important to our customers, our communities and our employees, and sets an important standard in the industry.


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