bucerias mexico

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Address: Bucerias 

Phone: (329) 298-6079

Category: Best Local Services - Food & Beverages

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Reservations: not neccessary


They have a fresh fish section, meat counter, bakery, groceries, clothes, electronics, etc. Try the local brands rather than the imports, you might be surprised by the quality and you will save because of there aggressive pricing!


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Trevor Stone from Winnipeg, Canada - January 14, 2017
The Mega is great! Very clean, spacious and staffed with very helpful and friendly people. The food selection; dairy, fruit & vegetables, meat and fish are all excellent, as is the rest of the store and all it's amenities - such as the convenience of banking. We've been coming to Bucerias for years and look forward to many more shopping at the Mega.


Lorri from Victoria BC, CanadaMULC - October 24, 2016
Do you sell Bacdyn or Microdyn


Molly Brittan from Hilton Head, USA - January 04, 2016
We will be bringing our cat to Bucerias and I was wondering if you (the Mega Store) sells litter boxes with lids and swinging opening for the cat to go in and out.


Paul Adams from La Cruz Nay Mexico - June 27, 2014
I want to be put on your mailing / e-mail list for all speicals sales


Rick Leask from Toronto - January 22, 2014
My wife and I have been coming to Bucerias and La Cruz for a number of years and Mega is a great store to shop at and do your banking. Prices are reasonable, the staff is helpful and the assortment of goods from the bakery to the dairy, vegetable and meat section is excellent.


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