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What's in the name

Bucerias means "Place of Divers"

A traditional town

Founded in the 1930's, the name helps us understand its beginnings. This humble town located on the north shore of Bahía de Banderas. Once considered a fishing village it has grown and become a home & favorite vacation spot to many.

A Traditional Town

Beach Life

Life is better at the beach!

It’s 8-km (5-mile) stretch of soft sandy beaches, cobblestone streets and heartwarming charm gives the feel of simpler times.

A look around town

Lots to see and experience

Explore what makes our area so special!

Local Culture

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Personal Tours

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Local Foods

Tacos, traditional dishes…

Outdoor Markets

Specialty foods & crafts

Local Services

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Did You Know?



Residents of Bucerias

Bucerias is a small town made up mostly of Spanish speaking locals and indigenous dialects.


Residents of Puerto Vallarta

Just a little south, nearby Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s 2nd ranked visited Mexican tourist destination.


Yearly Visitors

Over 6 million visitors visited the bay area in the last year, with many from Canada & US choosing to settle here.

Quick Facts

What else you need to know about Bucerias.


Bahia de Banderas

This 100-km (62-mile) horseshoe shaped coastline of Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas) is divided between two states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

Two States

Bucerias is in the State of Nayarit and just over the Ameca River Bridge is Puerto Vallarta, they are in the State of Jalisco.

Time Zone

Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta use Central Standard Time (CST) This includes nearby Nuevo Vallarta, La Cruz Huanacaxtle, Punta de Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho and Lo de Marcos. La Penita then changes to (MST).

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Marietta Island – Hidden Beach, great for snorkeling.


Bay Whale Watching

Each winter, the humpbacks migrate from the arctic to breed and rear their young on the sheltered coasts of Banderas Bay.

Whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta begins in December – March. You can even sometimes spot whales as early as November or as late as May.

  • Best time to see humpback whales: January & February.

Book a whale watching tour with us!


Protected Sea Turtles

Every year, from August to December, travelers can Experience the truly spectacular natural wonder of turtle migration and hatching.

During this breath-taking event, you get to see nature at work as countless turtles make the trek from nest to sea to start their lives after hatching.

You can book some time with knowledgeable guides who will be able to tell you all about the habitats and habits of the sea turtles you can spot.

Book a private tour to see some baby turtles released in San Pancho!


Blue Footed Booby

This unique bird makes its home in our area at Marietas Islands and Los Arcos that is closer to Mismaloya. They are good swimmers and are fascinating to watch as they dive at great speed and from great heights to the ocean for fish.

Book a tour to see these special birds!

Here is a little more information

Beaches & Climate

Beaches – All beaches are public, even in front of the Hotels. However, please be respectful of their property (chairs, umbrella’s, etc.) that are reserved for their guests only. Take some time to see view some of the accommodations we have that are along the beach.

Climate – Tropical and humid with an average of 300 sunny days/year. I know, life here is rough! Temperatures average 28°C (82°F), cooling to around 20°C (70°F) at night.

The hottest months of the year are June through October, during which time the high temperatures reach around 35°C (90°F) + usually 10 degrees of humidity added making it very hot. Sweating becomes a lifestyle – not a choice. Rainy season kicks in end of June through October.

Local Language

Language – Official language is Spanish, many here (especially those in the tourist establishments) speak some English too.  We (Best of Bucerias) speak Gibberish and a little Spanglish – this complicates it even more around here!

Please remember to speak slowly and clearly with a smile as some are continually learning!  It goes a long way when we make the effort to communicate using the Spanish we have learned.  We encourage picking up a local phrasebook/dictionary to guide you.

Drinking Water, fruits & vegetables

Drinking Water – For 19 years in a row, Puerto Vallarta water has been awarded a certification of the purity of human consumption.  It is only one of two cities in Mexico that can boast of such accomplishment.  Still, the water is not considered drinkable, caution is needed.  Larger hotels have their own purification equipment and most restaurants use purified water. If in doubt, put your mind at ease; purchase your own bottled water. Locals buy their water too! For more information, please refer to our health & safety page.

Fruits & Vegetables – It is important treat all fresh fruits or vegetables with Microdyne (even the locals do). Put unpeeled fruits and vegetables in a large bowl or sink, fill with tap water, put in a few drops of Microdyne and let them sit for 20 minutes. It can then be dried off with towel and eaten.

Dialing in Mexico

Dialing – Cell phones from Canada or US work here but likely very expensive. Some can be programmed here to work on local rates if you purchase a pay as you go SIM card and get a few minutes included for as low as $20.

  • From Canada or  US to a local # here, dial +52 (area code) + local 7 digit number
    • (Area code in Bucerias is 329, Puerto Vallarta is 322).

Banking & Exchange

Its always a good idea to bring some MXN currency on your trip but its easy to get some extra spending money once you arrive by using any of the bank machines in Bucerias.

Bank machine fees vary ($35-$55 MXN) but decline the currency conversion as the rates are higher.

Visit our banking page for more information.

Key Bucerias Dates

Local Yearly Highlights
(some dates not yet determined, stay tuned)

  • January 24 – Blessing of the boats
  • February 20-22, 2024Bucerias Chalk Art Walk
  • Easter Sunday – Bucerias Oyster Festival
  • May – Festival del Viento – Wind Festival
  • May 15 – June 10, 2024Restaurant Week
  • September 14-16 – Mexico’s Independence Day

National Holidays

  • January 1 – New Years Day
  • February 5 – Constitution Day *
  • February 24 – Flag Day
  • March 21 – Benito Juarez Day *
  • May 1 – Labor Day
  • May 5 – Cinco de Mayo, Pueblas’s battle
  • September 16 – Independence Day
  • October 12 – Columbus Day
  • November 2 – Day of the Dead
  • November 20 – Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution *
  • December 12 – Virgin of Guadalupe Day
  • December 25 – Christmas Day

* Please keep in mind, certain holidays have the nearest Monday added to create a 3 day weekend.

  • February 5 – Constitution Day
  • March 21 – Benito Juarez Day
  • November 20 – Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution)