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Difficulty Exercising: Play Music!

Article written by:
Dr. Francisco Arroyo
Medical Director of SportsMed
Sports Medicine & Stem Cell Specialist
Medical | Regenerative Medicine

Music Improves Your Physical and Mental Endurance

We have always known that music has a great effect not only on human beings but even on animals or plants. Why? Because its effect releases brain neurotransmitters that can cause different emotions, which can range from immense sadness to great joy.

It is clear to me that those of us who work need to motivate ourselves so as not to fall into routine and boredom and not want to go to work anymore. Some of my friends use music to get up and get into the day to day to whatever comes up. Is there a genre of music better than another? Well, the genre that you like is the best even if it is not for me.

Well, in the sports environment, music can also play an important role. If we don’t feel like getting up or exercising, it can influence our mind and our body to encourage us to do it.

We know that in exercises like spinning, a good teacher is also considered to be someone who plays a good selection of music to encourage us to carry out the routine that is given to us without making it heavy.

A group of researchers conducted a study to see what type of music could make the exercise that was given to athletes feel more bearable instead of feeling like a punishment. They observed that music with a fast rhythm not only helped us to do it but also increased the benefits for the human body when listening to this type of music.

In fact, in the current times, whether one carries out his exercise routine alone or with a group of people, music has become an ally to be able to do it, either using headphones or listening to the music that the teacher has chosen to be able to do it.

Trying to understand the mechanism a little, it is that as we push the organism to carry out the physical effort, our mind can take us to a place where we partially block the effort of our organisms, making us resist the physical effort more.

Does the volume of the music count?

Yes, it does, because although music is perceived by all of us in different ways and some prefer, for example, the sound of the drum, others like relaxing music more.

The study that was done with the athletes was as follows: “The study analyzed the effect of the tempo (rhythm) of a melody on 19 women walking or on a treadmill or doing leg presses, all of these at high intensity. They did two sessions of exercise and after exercising they remained silent or listened to pop music of different rhythms. Different physical parameters were monitored as well as their opinion about how hard the exercise had been.

The results were that the exercise done with fast-paced music resulted in a higher heart rate and a lower perception of effort when exercising, when compared to exercising without music,” explained Professor Luca P. Ardigò of the University of Verona in Italy. (The study was published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology).

The scientists are planning another study now with different musical genres, it would be good to suggest that they include Ranchera and Banda music… will it be?

Article written by:
Dr. Francisco Arroyo – Medical Director of SportMed