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Its cuisine, in the hands of Chef Jesús Vázquez, is characterized by being creative, with flavors of smoke and firewood. Here, you will find a wide menu: from aguachiles and ceviches to wood-fired pizzas, pasta, tacos, and juicy cuts of meat.

Key to Exceptional Dishes

“The fire of our grill and stone oven, the freshness of the ingredients from our orchard, combined with our mixology and selection of wines, guarantee an unparalleled culinary experience”

Team L42


Featured Dishes

Fresh Ingredients. Culinary Experience.

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Red Aguachile with Fresh Tuna ($169), Crunchy Shrimp "Cucaracha" Style ($169), Tacos - Pork Belly, Roasted Tuna or Octopus ($159-179), Truffled Beets Bruschetta ($189), Cheeseboard "Chido" ($325)


Pear ($145), Super House ($145), Heirloom Tomatoes ($155), Smoked Beets & Quinoa ($165)


The Classics - Tomato sauce, Alfredo or Creamy Pesto ($159), Italian Sausage Ragout ($245), Seafood Mediterranean ($275), Seafood Lasagna ($295)

From the Grill

Chicken Breast 250g ($195), Skirt 250g ($320), Tuna Steak 250g ($345), Flank 250g ($365), New York 400g ($540), Rib Eye 400g ($675), Porter House Angus 680g ($1100)

Main Courses

Beef Ribs Casserole ($295), Fish with Lobster Ravioli ($345), Fresh Mussels ($365), Pork Ribs ($365), Short Ribs Stew ($455)

Pizzas (32 cm)

Creamed Spinach ($235), Italian Sausage ($235), Roast Pork Belly ($259), Margarita ($275), Garlic Shrimp ($275)


Blvd. Nuevo Vallarta 4-Int. 2, Plaza San Carlos, Nuevo Vallarta, Nay


Daily: 2 pm – 11 pm