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In Bucerias & Nearby

Eat In Bucerias 

Guide to buying groceries in Bucerias, Mexico – find everything you need! Mega Commercial, Walmart, La Comer, Chedraui, Sam’s Club, LEY and Costco. Learn the popular Mexican foods and explore some markets too.

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Buying Groceries in Mexico

Try the local brands rather than the imports, you might be surprised by the quality and you will save because of their aggressive pricing.

TIP: There are a few price check stations around the store if you want to verify a price.

ANOTHER TIP: The people that bag your groceries make their money only from tips, a few pesos would be appreciated. For a $500 peso bill, $5 pesos is fine.

Tienda / Mini Supers

A tienda is similar to our corner stores. They might not stock everything, and you might have to dust off the merchandise, but they are convenient and honest.

We encourage visitors to use these little stores as much as possible, as it contributes to the community and gives you a chance to mix with the locals.

Bucerias Sunday Market


The Sunday market the place to be for fresh fruit, fresh shrimp, small household items and many other things. Shop where the nationals shop and save! The Bucerias Sunday morning market is located near the “River” in the middle of town.