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Insurance for Expats & Digital Nomads. For people vacationing, living, working or investing in Mexico.

An Experienced International Team.

Guardian Insurance Mexico is a brokerage firm specialized in the digital nomads and expat community in Mexico and other countries in Latin America.


Peace of mind for unexpected health changes

Health Insurance

What’s the ideal health insurance plan for you?

One of the main challenges you will face as an Expat or Digital Nomad will be finding a health insurance provider that fits your unique wants and needs, and one that you can carry with you if you travel to different countries or decide to move elsewhere.

Our Health Insurance Experts at Guardian Insurance MX have carefully researched and evaluated the different options on the market and chosen only companies that can match and exceed your insurance expectations in every way.

Benefits – What does Health Insurance cover?

  • Free choice of hospitals and doctors (In Mexico and throughout the world)
  • Direct Payment
  • Virtual medical assistance
  • Maternity & Dental Benefits
  • No copay/coinsurance option
  • Preexisting conditions coverage (subject to provider’s evaluation)
  • One deductible per person per year
  • The lowest waiting periods on the market
Protection for unforeseeable travel events

Travel Insurance

How does Travel Insurance work?

Travel insurance policies used to be meant for those people traveling for a few days or maybe even a few months. However, the category of travelers has changed, and it’s now more frequent to see Expats, Digital Nomads, Snowbirds, or tourists in general needing travel policies for periods that can go from 1 day up to 6 months.

Of course, these policies are not created to replace a regular health insurance plan, hence the importance of being aware that travel policies are mainly for emergencies when traveling, be that an emergency related to your health, loss of important documents or luggage, travel assistance, etc.

What does Travel Insurance cover?

  • Emergencies due to accidents and/or illnesses
  • Direct Payment to hospitals
  • Free choice of hospitals and doctors worldwide
  • You can purchase even if you are already in your destination country
  • Up to $450,000 USD of coverage per event
  • Plans are available from even 1 day up to 6 months
  • Multi-destination trips
  • Zero deductible/excess
  • Zero copay/coinsurance
  • COVID coverage regardless of travel restrictions
  • Multilingual assistance 24/7
  • Early return due to disasters at home or family emergencies
Car Insurance
Mexican plated vehicles & Foreign-plated

Car Insurance

Whether your vehicle is Mexican-plated or Foreign-plated, we understand the importance of protecting it.

Our car insurance policies provide multiple options of coverage, from basic to comprehensive, for motorcycles, cars, trucks, or SUV’s. Our coverage includes protection in case of accidents, theft, liability, medical expenses, among other unforeseen events.

Mexican-Plated Auto Insurance

Whether you’re a resident of Mexico or a U.S. citizen driving your Mexican-plated vehicle, Guardian Insurance MX has the coverage you need to keep you and your vehicle safe on the

Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance

Our team of experienced insurance professionals is dedicated to helping you find the right coverage for your foreign-plated vehicle. We offer a variety of options and flexible payment plans to make sure you have the protection you need.

Protect your assets, insure your property

Property Insurance

Protect your assets and insure your property through A+ rated companies.

How does Homeowners Insurance work?

Homeowners Insurance, also known as Home Insurance, is a program that, in general, protects the owner, tenant, or third parties from damages caused due to fire, explosions, natural disasters, and theft, among other events/risks.

The cost of a policy is usually less than 1% of the value of the property and/or the contents, enabling owners and tenants to add this peace of mind at a very convenient cost.

Properties are exposed to similar unforeseen events throughout Mexico, but those in beach cities present a higher risk due to hurricanes and severe weather conditions.

Insurance is available for

  • Properties for personal use
  • Properties for commercial use
  • Both (personal & commercial)

What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Hurricane / Severe Weather
  • Earthquake
  • Fire/Lighting/Explosion
  • Theft/Assault
  • Loss of rental income
  • Power surge
  • Outdoor constructions… and more..
Secure medical transport, anywhere, anytime

MedEvac Insurance

How does Medical Evacuation work?

Med-Evac plans can be a great complement to your health or travel insurance policies, or even if you don’t carry any type of insurance with you.

Both Travel & Health policies offer Air Ambulance, also known as Medical Evacuation. However, most insurance companies offer this benefit for very specific situations. Also, most of them will only fly you to the nearest medical facility in the country you live.

The difference with Medical Evacuation plans is that their benefits are broader, and it doesn’t have to be a life-threatening situation for you to use them.

With plans like this, you can pick the hospital you want to be taken to within Mexico, the US, or Canada. And as soon as you have a doctor’s approval to fly, you can be flown to your hospital of choice

What does Medical Evacuation cover?

  • Hospital-to-hospital emergency Air-Evac
  • Transportation to the city and hospital of your choice – in your home country (USA & Canada only)
  • Transportation services for non-emergency situations
  • Plans available for people vacationing – living part-time or full-time in Mexico
  • Return transportation after recovery
  • Your vehicle, RV, and/or sea vessel can be taken back north for you
  • No limit of Med-Evac services
  • Transportation of your pet and vehicle
Liability-only or Full-coverage options available

Boat Insurance

Boat coverage for peace of mind on the water.

How does Boat Insurance work?

At Guardian Insurance MX, we recognize the boating community as a large and unique community of its own. We also recognize that both the West and East coast of Mexico contain some of the most sought after tropical shorelines, coves, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the entire world. Often boat insurance is overlooked by other brokerages and insurance companies, but we want you to enjoy the time you spend on your boat worry-free.

We only offer the products of companies that have a reputation for sea vessel insurance knowledge and claim payouts.

What does Boat Insurance cover?

  • Coverage available for boats registered and/or flagged in other countries
  • Full Coverage and Passenger Liability policies available for Charter Vessels
  • Coverage while the boat is being drydocked or stored out of water​
  • Coverage while the boat is being towed
  • Coverage for pangas and fishing vessels
  • Coverage for personal belongings on the vessel​
Secure your future and that of your loved ones

Life Insurance

With life insurance, you have the assurance that those who depend on you will be provided for in case something unexpected happens.

How does Life Insurance work?

Although not the most sought after policy by foreigners living in Mexico, Life Insurance is a relatively affordable option here, compared to policies in other countries. The life insurance category in Mexico encompasses a few different types of policies, and can help you and your loved ones in a number of different situations.

There are many reasons to get a life insurance policy in Mexico. Maybe you just purchased a property with a mortgage and the bank is requiring a policy that matches the amount and/or length of time of your mortgage. Maybe you have married with a Mexican spouse, and have Mexican children, and you want them protected in Mexico should anything happen to you.

Within these policies, if the beneficiary is a dependent minor, you can choose the age you wish for them to receive the payout, so it can essentially become a trust fund to be used for higher education, etc. There are also some insurance policies that work as a retirement plan, where you get the payout at the end of the term.

What does Life Insurance cover?

  • Permanent disability coverage can be added​
  • Discounts for non-smokers​
  • Preferential rates for women​
  • Lump sum or fractional payout options​
  • 10, 20 and 30 year term options, or until your 65th birthday​
Protect community assets with HOA insurance

HOA Insurance

Homeowner’s Association Insurance
Having homeowner’s association insurance is a great way to ensure the safety of your community.

How does HOA Insurance work?

Mexico condominium and apartment units are very popular among foreigners. The main reason for that is the added benefits included with owning a condo unit. Services such as maintenance, property management, utilities, security, etc. are all things that you normally do not get when purchasing a stand-alone home.

Ideally all condominiums should have a master policy covering the exterior of the structure, common areas, outdoor constructions, liability, and possibly many other things. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes there is no master policy at all.

Sometimes the policy may cover the structure, but because the hurricane/severe weather coverage is expensive, they will exclude that coverage. When possible, obtain a copy of the master insurance policy. The administrator must provide it to you, as that is part of what your annual fees are paying for. With a copy of this policy you can see for yourself what you are covered for, and we can act accordingly to issue a correct master policy, and your individual policy based on that.

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The right insurance plan for every need

  • Health Insurance – Peace of mind for unexpected health changes
  • Travel Insurance – Protection for unforeseeable travel events
  • Car Insurance – Mexican & Foreign-plated vehicles
  • Property Insurance – Protect your assets, insure your property
  • MedEvac Insurance – Secure medical transport, anywhere, anytime
  • Boat Insurance – Liability-only or Full-coverage options available
  • Life Insurance – Secure your future and that of your loved ones
  • HOA Insurance – Protect community assets with HOA insurance

Beyond the standard customer service

  • Mexican Presence
    Legal and Physical Offices throughout Mexico
  • Expats on Staff​​
    Advice from people who understand your thought process
  • English-Language Assistance​​
    Never feel like you do not understand what you are getting
  • Claims Assistance
    Helping your claim get settled quickly and fairly
  • Multiple Options per Products​​
    Find the perfect policy for your needs and lifestyle
  • Customer Service​​
    Expect a rapid response and a friendly and personalized experience

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Peace of mind

An experienced international team.

  • With Expats, Digital Nomads and Mexicans on staff, Guardian Insurance understands how insurance in Mexico and other countries works, and find plans that suit their clients’ specific needs.
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Health Insurance

How are preexisting conditions considered by insurance companies?

As with most other things, if you are someone with a preexisting condition, if and how you are accepted for private health insurance will be determined by the companies you apply to and the condition(s) that you may have.

Uninsurable Conditions: These conditions appear on a list provided by each insurance provider, and it varies between companies. If you already have one of these conditions unfortunately you would not be eligible for insurance with that specific company. They usually include the more severe illnesses like Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Insulin-dependent Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. A person must be Cancer-free for at least 10 years to be eligible for insurance with most companies.

If you have a preexisting condition, but it does not appear on that list, then you are still eligible for insurance. These conditions are taken on a case-by-case basis, so it is hard to know up-front how your condition will be accepted. The best we can do is submit an application, and then most companies will ask for some lab testing and a medical history report completed by a physician. They may also ask for supplemental forms to be completed regarding the specific condition, as well as any past documents that outline the diagnosis, treatment, evolution and current condition of the illness. Based on this information they make their decision.

The common outcomes we see are:

  • The condition gets included in the coverage like normal
  • The condition is included in the coverage, but with a higher deductible, extra premium, or lower sum insured maximum
  • The coverage is permanently excluded from coverage
  • A moratorium is placed on the condition, in which case it starts off excluded, but can be reviewed at each renewal, with updated medical information, to determine if it can be included in the coverage
What are waiting periods for Mexican Health Insurance?
All private health insurance providers have a waiting period for certain diseases. A waiting period means that once you are accepted under a policy, and coverage begins, you cannot be diagnosed with any of these certain illnesses until the waiting periods have expired. If you are diagnosed with a disease before its waiting period has expired, this disease would be permanently excluded from coverage as a preexisting condition for the life of the policy.

The waiting periods vary by company. Some of the more elite providers have a standard 60 day waiting period for all diseases. So have them leveled off, like for example, 3 months for kidney stones and mental disorders, 6 months for heart issues, 1 year for cancer, etc. HIV/AIDS is almost always 2 years.

When applying for a new private insurance, if you will be insured with a different private insurer until the time you are accepted by the new company, most companies will let you transfer your seniority to them. That means that any consecutive months or years you were covered by your old policy can be carried over to the new policy to eliminate that amount of time off any waiting periods.

Travel Insurance

Is there a deductible or coinsurance with your plans?

No, our plans have been designed by insurance experts, travelers, and digital nomads to make them attractive and easy to use and understand. So once you have paid your premium, there is no other fee that you are responsible for.

Can I buy Travel Insurance if I already left my home country or arrived at my destination?

With most providers, you need to purchase the policy before you leave home. With our plans, however, you have the option to buy it even if you are already in your destination. This is possible thanks to constant negotiations with our providers. Of course, buying the policy before your departure will always give you more benefits such as trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.,

Nevertheless, if your main concern is having protection against medical expenses, our plans are perfect for it and available even if you’ve left home already.

MedEvac Insurance

Whould the company pay hospitalization costs too?

No. Medical Evacuation companies usually offer coverage only for the service of flying you back to your home country, but all hospital and doctors’ expenses before that have to be covered by the insured.

Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance

What is the TIP?

The TIP is the short word for Temporary Import Permit, this document is a Mexican law requirement for vehicles that enter the country with foreign plates.

Do companies require the TIP to issue the policy?

It’s not a requirement to issue the policy but we recommend to start the process as soon as you enter Mexico since in the event of a claim, this will be a necessary document.

Can anyone drive my vehicle?

This benefit only applies if the person driving the vehicle is foreign and has their valid driver’s license.

Property Insurance

What coverages are usually considered standard on property insurance policies in Mexico?

Structure: This section provides coverage to the external, and sometimes internal, structure of your home or condo/apartment unit. It is important not to include the land value when calculating this value.

Contents: This section provides coverage for ALL contents and personal belongings within the unit. This includes A/C units, kitchen appliances, electronics, furniture, clothes, etc.

Third-Party Liability: A minimum amount of liability coverage is required on all property insurance policies. It is usually rather inexpensive at about 10 USD for every 100,000 USD in coverage. This provides coverage in case any third party may come on your property and get injured and try to take legal action against you. Especially in condo units it is also important to make sure this coverage includes “Cross Liability”. This provides coverage in case something originating in your unit causes damage to the surrounding units. The most common example is a water leak. If you are a renter, it is also important to ask for “Renter’s Liability” so you are protected against any damage you may do to the property you are staying in.

Foreign-Plated Auto Insurance

Minimally invasive procedures use thin cameras and tiny instruments. These cameras provide detailed, high-quality visualization of the operating area, leading to a more effective procedure. We also use advanced tools, such as near infrared fluorescence, to provide the most precise surgery possible.

  • Advanced Surgical Methods
  • Faster Recovery
  • Supportive Care