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Bucerias Art Walk Plaza

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The Bucerias Art Walk Plaza, known for showcasing local artists also hosts three galleries and cozy atmosphere to absorb and admire creative work.

Art In Bucerias

The Artwalk Plaza provides a great opportunity to meet local artists and enjoy a wonderful artistic atmosphere.


Scenes from Art Walk Plaza

Featured Galleries

Christy Beguesse

A Broken Art

Bucerias Art Walk founder, Christy Beguesse fell in love with Bucerias and felt it was the perfect place to open her gallery in 2005.

Her Mosaic interpretations are for commercial and residential applications. You can usually find Christy teaching workshops or working on her latest master piece.

  • Ceramic art
  • Customizing furniture
  • Wall murals
  • Ceramic classes

Mosaic Workshops

  • Introduction to Mosaic: Create a wall hanging or kitchen trivet. 2 hour workshop $4000 MXN
  • Intermediate Classes: Tile nipping skills and color design are emphasized in this workshop, using tile and broken dishes. 3, or 4 hour sessions, plus grouting lessons $5,000 MXN.
  • Painted Glass Class: Hand paint glass and transform the pieces into a work of art. 2 days (2-4 hours per day depending on your individual speed) $6,000 MXN.
  • Private Clinics: Start at $1,500 MXN per hour (6 hour minimum). Create any special project you wish to.
Pepe Parra Gallery

Artist Pepe Parra

Pepe Parra, an Artist whose work revolves around Mexican folklore, traditions and popular art. He captures in his work elements of Mexican popular art, inspired by the nature and traditions of the environment as seen according to the perception of Mexican culture.

In addition to always considering motifs, icons, colors, indigenous graphics and Mexican folklore. The use of representative colors and materials that he uses in his work allude to Mexican crafts and popular art, in this way he transmits to us a part of our national identity.

Artist Janine Kelleher

Jalu Gallery

Painting | Design | Creation

“It is the job of the artist to shed light on the human heart.”
~ Schumann~

A beautiful quote that I keep close. It is my everyday reminder that art is a purity of self-expression.

I let myself dream, drift and create through writing, painting and photography. My gallery is my sanctuary where this all comes together. It lives and breathes with me.

I would describe my work as mixed media. The paints are oils, the canvas is glass and the pieces are a mixture of natural elements; such as leaves and sand along with my photography and painting. I will often use my writing in the pieces, sometimes legible and sometimes just a simple, beautiful line that dances across the painting.

I feel inspired when I am outside and connected to the earth, and because of this connection, I have chosen to work directly on the glass. I love the idea that it is not just a work surface but an organic material, a translucent surface that changes with light, allowing it to become as much a part of the piece as the image itself.

Art Walk Participants

Bucerias Art Walk founder, Christy Beguesse was influenced by Puerto Vallarta’s art galleries promoting their art and decided to do the same here on the north shore.

She started the Art Walk back in 2009 with the goal of helping artists who may not own their own galleries, today its a big part of the culture here in Bucerias.

Today, 3 different artists make Art Walk Plaza their galleries home.

  • A Broken Art
  • Pepe Parra
  • Jalu Gallery

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A Broken Art offers Mosaic workshops that include introductions to Mosaic art, painted glass classes and even private clinics to help you with your special projects.

Our galleries are open late for Thursday nights Bucerias Art Walk, come see us!


62 Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias, Nayarit.


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