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Traditionally Mexican

There is so much variety when it comes to trying something new to eat, this list is a few things we think you should experience.

Mexico is unique!

Traditional Foods

14 Foods in Mexico to try

Get Local!

There is a lot more to Mexican recipes than tacos, fajitas and salsa. Experience the incredible variety of flavors at local restaurants, grocery stores or markets. Here is our starters list of popular Mexican dishes, drinks and deserts.

Traditional simple foods

We love tacos!

Life is better with tacos!

Pastor, Birria, Adobada, Mole, Bistec, Chicharon,...

From Mama's kitchen to yours

Some traditional dishes have carved the way to the history books.



Mexican spices embody nature's elements, combining heat and smoke and depth into unforgettable dishes. Earthy cumin, smoky chipotle, and cooling cilantro meet fiery chilis, creating a cuisine rich with culture and tradition. With garlic and onions as the savory cornerstone, the most common Mexican spices and herbs are coriander, allspice, cloves, thyme, Mexican oregano, Mexican cinnamon (Ceylon), cumin and cacao which showcase the breadth of Mexican food.


Vegetables play a very significant role, Mexicans truly appreciate their vegetables. They enjoy their veggies as snacks in addition to using them as essential ingredients in their various garnishes, stews, and sauces. As popular ingredients in Mexican cooking, vegetables not only add flavors but colors to every dish as well. Frequently used are: Nopales, Jicama, Calabaza, Chayote, Maize, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Tomatillo, Frijol pinto and Camote.

Efficient cooking

Use Lots of Freshly-Squeezed Lime Juice. Mexicans squeeze lime over sweet and savory dishes, grilled meats, fruits, vegetable salads, soups, drinks and tacos of all kinds, even potato chips! Lime juice makes everything taste better by balancing and bringing out flavors, so use it liberally. One more tip; Authentic Mexican food is, in a big way, about sauces and salsas. If you end up with leftover sauce after a meal, that extra sauce will bring you joy once again.

Did You Know?

Avocado is the national fruit of Mexico

Grown In Mexico

Grown in two States: Jalisco & Nayarit. But you can get them affordably along the west coast at grocery stores or markets.


Our body needs these high protein to give us balance and is good for the body and soul, even your memory and enhance your personality.

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