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The Blue Shrimp

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Here you can find the best of the coast, including zarandeado fish, seafood creations, and a wide selection of blue shrimp recipes made with the biggest shrimp of the bay.

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Quiet and well established seafood restaurant in Nuevo Vallarta with a beautiful, serine ambiance on a lagoon with herons, turtles, crocodiles and iguanas.


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Fresh from the sea

From The Sea

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Romana Calamari ($269), Popcorn Shrimp ($315), Rockefeller Oysters ($329), Fish Tacos ($345), Shrimp Aguachile ($365),

Soup & Salads

Clam Chowder ($210), Lobster Bisque ($229), Seafood Soup ($389)
Caprese Salad ($215), Caesar Salad ($315 / with Shrimp $369)

Homemade Pastas

Chicken Parmigiana ($359), Shrimp Lasagna ($365), Seafood Linguini ($395)

Fresh Shrimp from the Pacific

1/4 Kg Medium Shrimp ($425), 1/4 Kg Jumbo Shrimp ($498)
Diabla, Garlic, Arriero, Coconut, Portuguese

Chef Specialties

Seafood Coquilles St-Jacques ($459), Chile Relleno with Lobster ($490), Wood Fired Filet Mignon ($495), Whole Red Snapper ($580), Blue Shrimp ($750)


Boulevard Nayarit 208, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit


Daily: 11:30 am – 10 pm