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Hospitals & Clinics

Medical Consultations, Specialists & Emergency


Bucerias - Puerto Vallarta Area


Punta Mita Hospital


Punta de Mita
Emergency Services - 24/7 - Complete Medical Check-Ups. ICU. Laboratory. Pharmacy. X-Rays. CT-Scan. Diagnostic Cardiology Unit. Fertility Center.

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CMQ Hospital


Bucerias & Puerto Vallarta
Three locations open 24/7 with highly trained bilingual staff and a Physicians Building with more than 20 on-site specialists.



Joya Hospital



Puerto Vallarta & Nuevo Vallarta
Recognised nationally and internationally for their patient care, diagnosis, prevention, disease intervention and state-of-the-art technology.




Zafir Medical Center



Mexico City
Zafir Medical Center is the first clinic in Mexico that integrates aesthetic treatments, anti-aging treatments and plastic surgery all in one place.

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