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Address: Mega Commercial Plaza, Bucerias 

Phone: (322) 221 3101

Website: www.actinver.com

Category: Best Local Services - Finance & Legal

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Actinver is a group of financial companies with only common mission: to become the best financial services company in Mexico, to help all clients preserve and increase their investment portfolios. Our job is to know our clients better, to help them define their goals and to draw up a business plan that allows them to reach these goals with greater speed and security.

Actinver Bank, offers the biggest family of funds in the country, with more than 50 different alternatives that consistently have achieved amongst the best returns within their respective categories. Moreover, given the fact that its is proven that diversification is the most profitable and secure way to invest, they offer different portfolios.



• Investment Funds
• Online Trading
• Stock Market
• Debt Market
• Derivatives
• Retirement Plans
• Currency Exchange
• Trust Services
• Analysis Research

  • Investment Funds
• Online Trading
• Stock Market
• Debt Market
• Derivatives
• Saving and Pension Plans
• Investment Banking
• Currency Exchange
• Trust Services
• Analysis Research

Actinver Brokerage House

For those clients that require greater diversification options, we now have included Actinver Brokerage House, which highly complements our suite of products and investment alternatives, offering the possibility of access to the following markets:

• Actinver Investment Funds.
• Third Party Investment Funds.
• Online Trading.
• Capital Markets: nationally listed shares and foreign shares listed on SIC.
• Debt capital markets: CETES, bonds, promissory notes, exchange traded money market certificates.
• Derivatives.
• Currency Exchange.
• Savings and Pension Plans.
• Retirement Plans.
• Investment Banking.
• Trust Services.

The client decides the type of account that they want to operate

• Traditional. Clients are assigned an executive who will provide financial advice and solutions.
• Bursanet. Clients execute trades via the Internet, on line and in real time, without the supervision of an account executive.

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