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Address: Calle 20 de Noviembre #52 A, Bucerias 

Phone: 329-102-2083 or +52 331 299 38007

Hrs of operation: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm & 4-6 pm Sat 9am-2 pm

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Best known for: Automatic Doors, Gates, Security Cameras


DIA Automatic Doors & Security Cams

Created by local Engineering Professionals & brothers, Héctor and Angel offer Automatic Doors, Gates, Security Cameras for both residential and commercial properties.


Automatic Driveway Gates

An automatic gate is a great addition to any property. It provides an extra layer of home security, enhances home appeal, and increases overall property value.

Gate Opening

Swinging gates are the most popular choice. They have the advantage of requiring less space alongside the driveway than a sliding gate. Double swinging gates have a more traditional look and are ideal for larger openings. Single swinging gates are the better option for smaller openings.

Traditional slide gates glide along a track and stows alongside the fence. Trackless cantilever gates, which slide along post-mounted rollers. Another option is a telescopic, or stacker gate, which consists of two or more panels that stack on top of each other when the gate opens, allowing the gate to be compactly stowed.

Access Control - using cell phone, pinpad, remote and more.

Equipment for all types of doors 

Garage ~ Folding ~ Slides ~ Pedestrians ~ Metallic ~ Curtains ~ Barriers/Booms ~ Glass Doors 

DIA_Automated_Doors_Multifrequency_Control   DIA_Automatic_Doors_rk3_Keypad   Bucerias_DIA_Automatic_Doors_Security_Cameras_Samars_Receivers


Folding / Sliding Doors / Gates - Swing Doors

Security Cameras - Epcom Indoor / Outdoor

DIA-electric-door-lock    DIA_Automatic_Doors_Electric_Locks


Quality, Responsability, Security, Teamwork, Honesty

Bucerias_DIA_Automatic_Doors_Security_Cameras    DIA_Automatic_Doors_Security_Cameras

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