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Address: M├ístil #20, Marina Vallarta, 48335 Puerto Vallarta, Jal. Ramar Building, 2nd. Floor 

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Best known for: Stem Cell and Immunotherapy

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About Dr. Romero

As a immunotherapy and stem cell doctor, Dr. Romero is a leader in the alternative medicine field. Unlike many specialists just joining the stem cell movement, he has been involved with stem cell research and immunotherapy for over 15 years years in South America, Europe and Mexico.

Reclaim your health! End years of frustration and pain and enjoy a better quality of life by rejuvenating your health and well-being.


Dr. Ernesto Romero

Stem Cells Specialist


Autoimmune diseases
Chronic degenerative diseases
Anti-aging and aesthetics


If you’ve been told your condition isn’t treatable, then we encourage you to get a second opinion from our stem cell specialists.

Some Testimonies


"For all my life, I've suffered back pains from a climbing fall. Since that time, I've now been taking what they call regenerative treatments. I feel amazing. I just could not say enough about Dr. Lopez's team, their compassion. I've recommended this to all my family, my friends and everybody I've talked to. I couldn't recommend enough to everybody to come to Mexico and try this procedure. It was just an amazing experience. And I just want to say thank you so much" Keith Thompson.

"I came down to Mexico not feeling very well at all and I ran into a friend who knew the doctor. I told him my head the polycystic kidney disease and when I go to shake his hand I couldn't see his hand because I was almost blind at the time. Ten days after the first treatment I regained my eyesight, and my polycystic part of the kidneys all drained and since then my blood pressure has been excellent and I just been feeling very very good. Some of the problems I had was my eyesight, I was almost blind, I could hardly see anything at the time and I was in constant pain. I've been in constant pain for years from the pressure of the cysts on my arteries and my various organs. I could not get a good blood pressure reading because every time I moved, the cyst would change on the artery and I would have high blood pressure for that moment, then low blood pressure. I also had no hair then but that's just a bonus now from the treatment, the hair is coming back and I haven't felt this good in years, probably a decade at least. I'm very impressed and very happy with everything. The doctor has been excellent and I had never experienced a doctor with such good bedside manners." - Bruce Smith - 61 years old. Vancouver Canada.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?
It’s a less invasive and more natural regenerative option

See list of conditions treated


Stem cells have the ability to turn into any natural cell in the human body and aid in producing the healthy cells you need. This helps reverse many health problems and prevent conditions from developing or worsening.

Restorative Therapy

The immune system is the body’s natural defense to protect against infections and diseases. Unfortunately with time, constant battles against chronic health disorders and autoimmune diseases may weaken and compromise the immune system.

To help stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural defense system, innovative immunotherapy treatments  helps your immune system to fight back and restore your health. 

Stem Cell Medicine Gives You Options
Improve your quality of life without undergoing “under the knife” surgery


ImmunoTherapy has made an alliance with a European company called Proteoma.

This is a company that is dedicated to analyzing alterations at the molecular level, both caused by genes or malfunctions of the body and creating at once the specific treatment for each patient to inhibit these alterations.

Degrees & Training

 Graduated in General Medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit in Mexico
 Training in Forensic Medicine at Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences in Mexico
 Training in Regenerative Geriatric Medicine at Nordic University
 Master’s Degree in Regenerative Medicine at Universidad Catolica de Murcia in Madrid, Spain
 Training in Regenerative Medicine at Nordic University


 Founder of the biotechnological institute “Bioplenum S.A de C.V”
 Collaborated in clinical protocols in Lyon, France, with Dr. Lourdes Sagnard
 Clinical researcher in many protocols involving mesenchymal stem cells to treat autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases, including: diabetes, asthma, ischemic events, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), arthritis, kidney failure, lupus, aesthetic facial regeneration, and as an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory agent.


 Hemofenic France representative in Mexico and Latin America
 Kimicor Pharma representative at the Italian laboratory in Mexico
 Krebs International General Director for the company located in Bulgaria
 General Director for Inmunoterapia por México A.C. foundation


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