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Address: Avenida Sor Juana Inés de La Cruz 280. México City. 

Phone: +52 55 1840-2768

Hrs of operation: Monday – Saturday (9 am – 6 pm)

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Dr. Israel Presteguín Rosas - Urologist

Diagnosing and treating diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women. Also diagnosing and treating anything involving the reproductive tract in men.

You should also see a urologist if you’re a man and experiencing symptoms like: a decreased sexual desire, a lump in the testicle or trouble getting or keeping an erection.



Dr. Israel Presteguín Rosas




See A Urologist If

Having any of these symptoms suggests you have a problem in the urinary tract:

  • Blood in your urine
  • Frequent or urgent need to urinate
  • Pain in your lower back, pelvis, or sides
  • Pain or burning during urination
  • Trouble urinating
  • Urine leakage
  • Weak urine flow


Always willing to provide quality care, with honesty and the best attitude towards his patients and families.

Dr. Presteguín Specialties

Endourology and Urologic Laparoscopy
Oncological Urology
Urological Surgery
Prostate Surgery
Urethra Reconstruction




  • Prostate cancer
  • Kidney, bladder, testicular & penile cancer
  • Prostatic hyperplasia
  • Litiasis renal
  • Stones in the urinary tract
  • Phimosis, Hydrocele & Varicocele
  • Ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  • Urethral stricture
  • Erectile dysfunction & male infertility
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Training & Certifications

 He began his training as a clinical laboratory worker at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)
 Studied Surgeon at the Higher School of Medicine of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)
With a specialist degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
 Chief Resident of Urology at the Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Médico Nacional "La Raza" (2017-2018)
 Member of the National Association of Graduated Urologists from Centro Médico La Raza (ANUER)
 Member of the Mexican College of Urology (CMU), part of the Board of Directors in
 Management 2019-2021 and Management 2021-2023
 Co-editor of the Bulletin of the Mexican College of Urology
 Certified by the Mexican National Council of Urology (CONAMEU)


  • Member of the American Confederation of Urology (CAU)
  • Member of the American Urological Association (AUA)
  • Member of the European Association of Urology (EAU)
  • Member of the Society of International Urology (SIU)


"Successful and effective treatment, I have felt much better. The ultrasound and his diagnosis were clearly explained to me and my doubts were satisfactorily resolved."

"Great Doctor and wise Urologist, gentle treatment, punctuality, efficacy in treatment and later opinion, extremely empathetic when treating an older adult. Thank you very much Doctor."

"Excellent doctor very attentive throughout the treatment itself was very effective. It is clear in the explanation of the procedures."

"Excellent Doctor, very professional, he also gave an accurate diagnosis and saved my wife's life, for which I recommend him as one of the best Urologists." Antonio Esparza Colìn

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