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Address: CMQ Medical Tower, Bucerias 

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Best known for: Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Endovascular Neurological Therapy


Dr. Jorge Yáñez Castro 

Medical Surgeon with a specialty in Neurosurgery and Endovascular Therapy. Dr. Yáñez is well known for practicing very innovative and minimally invasive techniques that can treat catastrophic brain diseases.

He is currently organizing the Rapid Response Team against cerebral infarction (Stroke) in Puerto Vallarta area. It will be the only one in the country outside of Mexico City.


Head and Spinal injuries

Stroke | Aneurysms

Brain and Spinal cord tumors

Brain malformations

Cerebral Hemorrhage


Rapid Response Team

A highly-trained team made up of specialists who bring individual expertise and critical care from a variety of areas to help stroke patients

Is It a Stroke?




Dr. Jorge Yáñez Castro


/Dr_Jorge_Yanez_Neurosurgeon_Catheter    Dr_Jorge_Yanez_Neurosurgeon

What is Cerebral Catheterization?

Through a litlle puncture in the wrist or the leg, a microcatheter is inserted and navigated inside the artery up to the brain. It is a very minimally invasive surgery done in the angiography room.

This procedure can remove clots in the vessels of brain (stroke), treat aneurysms and close abnormal shunts between arteries and veins of the brain which are at risk of rupturing and bleeding.

Dr_Jorge_Yanez_Castro_Neurosurgeon_    Dr_Jorge_Yanez_Neurosurgeon_Catheterization_CMQ

Degrees & Certifications

 MBA, Medical Surgeon - Anahuac University, Mexico City

 Neurosurgery Specialty - PEMEX High Specialty, South Central Hospital (endorsed by the UNAM)

 Subspecialty in Neurological Endovascular Therapy - Hospital Juárez de México (endorsed by the UNAM)

 Certified by the Mexican Council of Neurosurgery

 Certified by the Mexican Council of Neurological Endovascular Therapy

 Published in Critical and Neurological patient care



  • "Excellent doctor, very accurate in his diagnoses, I highly recommend him, thanks to him and God I was able to heal, always attentive and very human." D.
  • "Excellent doctor in every sense of the word, guides you in the consultation and for the impeccable surgery." J.S
  • "... they have called me to find out how I'm doing. In these times, empathy has been forgotten and Dr Yáñez, Dr Castellanos and assistants gave me a humane and excellent service. I express my congratulations to this great team.' V.B
  • "No patient mentioned "Excellent Surgeon, my experience with Dr. Yañez has been the most humane and empathetic, I will always be grateful for the excellent treatment he gave me and the follow-up as long as I need his attention. I highly recommend him." M.B



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