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Address: Punta Mita Hospital & Biomedical Center, PV 

Phone: 322 225 9603

Hrs of operation: Mon - Thurs 5pm-8pm Fri 11am - 2pm

Category: Best Local Services - Health & Medicine

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Reservations: yes

Best known for: Comprehensive care to the Elderly


Dra. Cynthia Arreola 

As a Geriatrician, Dr. Arreola specializes in caring for aging adults who develop medical issues. Our bodies change over time, and our health care needs to adapt with us. Even an older person’s family, friends, or other caregivers start feeling considerable stress related to care.

Dra. Cynthia focus is keeping older ones functional and helping them maintain their quality of life.

Her care includes the relationship with the patient, with the family and even with the health team in charge of the elderly.

"Excellent service, very successful in all its diagnoses, first-class human quality, great availability to serve us, 100% reliable" I.L


Dra. Cynthia Arreola




The care of the elderly is complex, so it must be approached in an orderly and comprehensive manner

Dra_Arreola_Geriatrician_Punta_Mita_Hospital    dra_Arreola_Geriatrician


  • Parkinson's | Dementia | Alzheimer | Memory loss
  • Degenerative joint disease | Osteoporosis
  • Dehydration | Eating disorders | Sleep disorders 
  • Gait disorders | Falls syndrome | Heart failure
  • Urinary tract infection 


Punta_Mita_Hospital_Mexico    Punta_Mita_Hospital_Nayarit

Degrees & Studies

 Physician Surgeon Degree, Autonomous University of Guadalajara

 Geriatrics Specialty, the Autonomous University of Querétaro

 Training stay at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, ​​Spain

 Endorsed by the Mexican Council of Geriatric Medicine. 


  • "Thank you so much for your attentions and your patience, I really like the explanations you give me about my health issues making it easy for me to understand my symptoms and treatments, you are a great doctor." D.S
  • "Dr. Cynthia has helped me a lot to treat and prevent health problems and since I received her attention my quality of life has improved a lot! I am very grateful to her." F.E
  • "She is an excellent doctor, very human, very attentive and super successful, very dedicated, highly recommended at 1000." O.L
  • "An excellent doctor, with a very kind and patient treatment. Good diagnosis and good follow-up, support at home and by message as well. Excellent geriatrician and human being" J.G


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