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Address: Av Mexico No. 22 

Phone: 329 298 1922

Hrs of operation: Open Daily 3pm - 11pm - Closed Sundays (April 12-Oct 25)

Category: Best Food & Drink - Restaurants

Price Range: $10-$25

Payments accepted:

Reservations: yes

Best known for: Gastropub with friendly & cozy athmosphere


Esquina 22

New to Bucerias - GastroPub Esquina 22 (Corner 22) has an excellent variety on their menu and a quaint place to spend an evening. Often offering live entertainment,  daily food specials as well as Happy Hour.  All dishes a prepared to order and with the most fresh ingredients! 




Daily Specials: 2X1 Happy Hour (draft beer, house tequila, vodka, rum, gin and whiskey - Daily 5pm-7pm)

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Try some delicious appetizers:

Mussels (10) $189 - Dressed in an aromatic white wine and garlic sauce with a touch of selected spices. 
Ceviche de pescado $169 - Traditional recipe of the Bay of Banderas with a personalized house flavor.
Chicken Wings * (10) $129 - Seasoned with a perfect combination of chili and BBQ sauce
Poutine $119 - Original recipe of the Province of Quebec- French Fries, asadero cheese, topped with homemade gravy. 


Ensaladas - Salads

Caprese Salad $129
Traditional combination of tomato, Mozzarella cheese with a touch of olive oil and fresh basil.

Caesar Salad $129
With Chicken $149 or with Shrimp $189
Traditional recipe flavored with home made dressing with a touch of anchovies and Parmesan.

Shrimp salad with Roasted Potatoes and Pesto $189
A lukewarm salad made with tomatoes, nuts, and olive oil and bathed with Parmesan cheese and fresh basil.


Tortilla Soup $139
Home recipe prepared with a reduction chicken broth, tomatoes and epazote, dressed with avocado, cream cheese and chile pasilla

French Onion Soup $159
Authentic French recipe with sliced baguette croutons and Asiago cheese.


Main Dishes

Hamburger Esquina 22 * $139
Carefully prepared by the chef with 22 selected ingredients and served with French Fries.

Grilled Chicken Breast * $189
Special recipe prepared with a fresh oregano marinade and a touch of spice. Served with Dijon Mustard Fries and Vegetables.

Pork Chop * $189
Roasted and lightly flavored with three peppers, garlic and paprika, bathed in a red wine reduction. Served with French fries and house salad.

Steak & Fries * $249
Baked beef shank, lightly seasoned and served with French fries.

Tuna steak * $269
Marinated in a fine spice vinaigrette, flavored with pepper, cumin and a touch of coriander, sitting on a bed of organic sprouts, lettuce and a touch of wasabi.

Prawns Esquina 22 * $279
Wrapped in bacon with a coffee liqueur sauce and a touch of Brandy. Served with mixed vegetables.

Beef Medallions * $259
Cooked to the point and bathed with a sauce based on cream and chipotle. Served with mixed vegetables.

Beef Kababs * $269
Beef steak cubes, green and red bell peppers, onion and mushrooms, flavored with a fine herb glaze and sherry. Served with Dijon Mustard Fries and Organic Sprouts.

Fajitas Esquina 22 * $189-$219
Tender sliced ​​beef or chicken rubbed with our exclusive seasoning and slowly grilled with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, served with rice, guacamole and tortillas.

All Potatoes oven baked and filled with selected ingredients:

Natural $99 - Succulent oven baked potato, accompanied with sour cream or butter.
Bacon with Mushrooms $129 - Served with cream and cheddar cheese.
Beef, Broccoli and Cheese $129 - Perfectly baked and cover with cheddar cheese and sour cream.
Chorizo & Roasted Garlic $129 - Chorizo finely chopped and caramelized garlic, served with sour cream.
Mexicana* $129 - A combination of black beans, corn, onion, jalapeño pepper and melted Monterey cheese.
Shrimp $99 - Small shrimp and cheese in a clam juice reduction, with a touch of pepper and fresh dill.
French Fries $79 - Simply fresh and perfectly fried.
Dijon mustard Home Fries $129 - Baked in a marinade of house Dijon based vinaigrette and a hint of tarragon.


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