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Address: Lazaro Cardenas 58, Bucerias  map

Phone: 329-298-0303 or 322-134-5040

Hrs of operation: 10am -10pm everyday November - April

Category: Best Tours & Activities - Art & Galleries

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Reservations: not neccessary

Best known for: Incredible variety of unique Mexican art and collectibles


Both innovative and classic handcrafted, original Mexican designs comprise a total collection of mirrors, ceramic tableware including authentic Talavera, paintings, sculptures, onyx, lighting and pewter for your home or gifts.


Jan Marie Boutique

An incredible variety of unique collectibles. Jan has traveled for 20 years throughout Mexico and other countries in search of the perfect piece. She is thrilled to work with these craftsmen designing custom pieces for clients and the Gallery.


"It is very rewarding when a lamp or chair arrives that started as a drawing or just an idea. Many of the towns we visit are quite poor. Although they produce great work, they don’t know how to find a market."

Buying from them has helped the artisans and their families put children in school and in better health and improved the towns’ economies overall. Some of those children are now the artists, having grown up to carry on the family business and we still buy from them.

Jan_Marie_Art_Boutique_Bucerias   Jan_Marie_Art_Boutique_Bucerias

Visit the Jan Marie Boutique for wine tasting every Thursday 7-9 pm (high season) where you can pick up your bottle of national or imported wine. Discover Mexican wines from the wineries we visited in Valle de Guadalupe and Queretero.

Jan_Marie_Art_Boutique_Bucerias   Jan_Marie_Art_Boutique_Bucerias

  Jan Marie Boutique dish collection in Bucerias

Elegant glassware gifts in Bucerias

Visit Jan Marie Boutique in Bucerias today and take home the perfect gift!


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Denise blakely from Oregon - November 29, 2016
I was in over the Thankgiving holiday and bought a few things. Have a question if you could email me back. Thanks Denise


Margaret Daniel from Surrey, Canada - June 26, 2013
I would like to know the artist who makes the tall lady figurines sold in your store. I believe they come in different sizes, Their faces usually only have a nose. Thankyou.


Duane Lucas from Vancouver, Canada - July 06, 2012
Do you ship to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'm interested in the long Onyx plate shown in the photo above.


Victoria Calhoun from San Diego - March 07, 2011
Do you ship dishes to California? I've enjoyed mine and would like to add more. I will send you photos of the ones I have.


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