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Best known for: Incredible bronze sculptures




Octavio Gonzalez - Arte En Bronce (Art In Bronze)

Born in the small city of Tepatitlán, Jalisco, Octavio took the challenges and obsticles he grew up with and turned them in beautiful artistic sculptures that are admired by so many.

Octavio Gonzalez's famous downtown Bucerias sculpture represents the divers of the area.

"Estatua del Buzo" sculpture in Bucerias is of a man diving to dislodge an oyster with a bar. The face of the statue was fashioned after that of Ramón Barraza, in order to pay homage to this famous local diver who collected for oysters for 40 years.

Sculptor Octavio González created this artwork out of stainless steel with bronze finishes in collaboration with local sculptor Luis Armando Solorio. It’s seven meters tall (22 ft).

His hands have the gift to sculpt beautiful pieces that are a reflection of his great imagination, ideas and emotions.


Also known for his monumental 40 feet high bronze sculpture "Ballena Vallarta" at the entrance of Marina Vallarta, sculptor Octavio Gonzalez long with his creative collaborators of high quality pieces of art, they have become worthy ambassadors of Mexican art for the Puerto Vallarta area and throughout the world.

"Ballena Vallarta" Photo Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Toursim.

Puerto Vallarta displays many of his great pieces, like the famous "Dolphins Fountain”


Octavio_Gonzales_Arte_en_Bronce_Sculptor_Puerto_Vallarta - Art In Bronze

He started out making sculptures for the popular Mexican singer Vicente Fernández and his family. His artistic influences come from his trips all over the world such as: Russia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium and the United States. His interest in sea life began after a visit to San Francisco, California. His love for sculpting helped to bring opportunities for participating in Berkley, California, it is there that he learned many different techniques.


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