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Plaga y Jardin Pest Control

With years of experience and expertise to handle anything, Plaga y Jardin Pest Control can help with year-round monitoring, documentation, and communication help to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your service.

Make sure your home is a safe and comfortable.

CONTROL mosquitos, cockroaches, scorpians


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Serving Bucerias, La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta, Punta de Mita and Nuevo Vallarta



Effective pest control is a process, not a one-time event, this becomes an ongoing cycle!

To make sure that these unwanted pests are eliminated, it takes regular maintenance.  

  • An inspection to identify and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests infest your home. 
  • A customized pest control schedule and plan that effectively targets cockroaches, ants and other common household pests exactly where they appear in your home—inside and out, all year long.
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Did You Know?

There are 1,300 species of scorpions worldwide. The Bark scorpion is most often found in homes. Unfortunately, they are the most dangerous.

Scorpions hide under stones, tree bark, wood piles, shrubbery, and in masonry cracks of your home and in block walls.

Unlike crickets and spiders, scorpions do not ingest pesticides by grooming themselves. That means that the solution must absorb into their skin. The process takes longer but is still very effective.

WARNING - If you believe you’ve been stung by a bark scorpion, see a doctor immediatly.

What Can I do to prevent Scorpion Problems?

- Eliminate shelter by removing lumber, debris and anything   stored near or against your home.
- Remove unnecessary clutter from your garage.
- Eliminate their food supply, ie: crickets, spiders and other small insects by scheduling our Pest Control Services.


Did You Know?

There are over 67 species of cockroaches. Cockroaches transport disease, stain, infect and destroy. They are one of the five most common indoor allergens and are a MAJOR ASTHMA TRIGGER. Roaches leave little black dots (feces) everywhere - a major source of disease.

What Can I Do To Prevent A Roach Problem?

- Keep your house clean, including the kitchen counter and floor free of crumbs.
- Discourage shelter
- wood piles
- potted plants
- compost and mulch piles
- leaf
- litter is an excellent breeding areas for roaches.
- Seal and/or treat areas where roaches can enter your home.


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