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Best known for: Georgous Banderas Bay at sunset

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Sunset Sailing - Just imagine - the sun is setting and you're chilling out on deck, cocktail in hand with the wind pushing you across the crystal waters of Banderas Bay. 

There's a wealth of fun romantic adventures around Puerto Vallarta designed just for you lovebirds. Most of the trips are quick one day jaunts but we can also help you plan a full weekend adventure. These unique experiences will draw you closer together than ever before.


The Sunset - As you gaze out across the Pacific Ocean, you'll marvel at the changing colors of the sky and the horizon emblazoned in shades of fiery gold, red and pink. Then, just as the sun sets, you'll sail along the shoreline near the Malecon, where the delicate mix of hues painting Puerto Vallarta give you the chance to photograph the Old Town glistening in dramatic color.


Wining & Dining 

The sunset sailing charters are the ideal way to celebrate a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or the perfect ending to another unforgettable day in Puerto Vallarta.  Unwind with some fine wine, cheeses and an open bar. And as the sunset dissolves into a starlit night, you can share a romantic kiss or two as you sail across Banderas Bay aboard the luxurious Beneteau sailboat.

 - If you love clean air, brisk sailing, sunsets, night skies, and a hint of romance and style, you will enjoy an evening you'll never forget.

The Fleet - Experience the romance, thrill, and excitement of sailing on one of the fully-equipped sailing yachts. These luxury sailboats provide what is important to you as a sailor; speed, stability, range, comfort and seaworthiness. Built by the world's most renowned boatmakers, with great deck layouts and plenty of cushions for lounging, the yachts offer comforts not available on other charter sailboats.

To ensure your cruising pleasure, each of these exquisite yachts is manned by a professional crew that is dedicated to making your day sailing adventure or sunset sail an unforgettable part of your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Duration - Approximately 3 hours

What to Wear & Bring - Light sweater or jacket

Restrictions - Min Age: 10 years old

Did You Know? - That when we observe the sunset, the Sun has already gone below the horizon. The Earth's atmosphere "bends" the Sun's rays and delays the sunset about 3 min.

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