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Address: Los Amores Plaza, Bucerias 

Hrs of operation: Monday to Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-3

Category: Best Local Services - Pet Care Services

Reservations: yes

Best known for: Vet and Pet Care Services

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Veterinaria Terralta

-- CLOSED for 2021 --

Dr. Samantha and her team know that the most important thing for you is your pet and so it is for them as well. They are interested in the animal welfare, both phisically and emotionally, looking for a good balance and mental development.

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Terralta_Vet_Medical_Consult Terralta_Vet_Dental_Care Terralta_Vet_Bath_Shampoo Terralta_Vet_Grooming

Medical Consult

30 mins and up •
$200 pesos

Regular Medical Consult 
One day regular treatment

Dental Care

4 hrs and up •
$600-1200 pesos


Puppy Bath / Full Bath

45 mins and up •
$120-300 pesos

Playfull bath
Nail trimming, Ear cleaning

Proffesional Haircut

2 hrs and up •
$200-500 pesos

Full bath
Nails, Ears, Hair cut


Did you know?

Your dog has 10 more teeth than humans and 7,000 less tastebuds.  They are guided more by how their food smells so the richer the smell, the more they will like it!

Weekly Specials



New Protein - Family First
✅ Improves the fur
✅ Firmer feces
✅ Strengthens the immune system

A spoonful a day is enough for your family pet to receive the nutrition and love it deserves.


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