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Lo de Marcos

The coastline of Nayarit, from just north of Puerto Vallarta and onto San Blas, offers some of Mexico's most charming and desirable coastal landscape. Quaint seaside fishing villages dot the coast where the jungle mountains meet the sea, joining miles of isolated beaches. This is the Mexico of fishing, farming fiestas and siestas, the customs and attitudes of the outside world having made few encroachments.

Dusty streets dotted with lazy dogs and pecking chickens are ritualistically hosed morning and evening while children play with twigs and tires. Banana, mango, papaya and tobacco plantations, roadside shrines paying homage to lives lost where they stand and donkeys bearing burdens to market are just a few of the intriguing images you're likely to see en route.Lo de Marcos is a town with a remodeled gazebo in the downtown and small businesses and restaurants with delicious homemade food and friendly service.

“The beaches are extremely calm, when the waves break, you can even see the fish,” shares a woman who, for years, has visited Lo de Marcos, where, she says, she has found a tranquil refuge. Bungalows, villas, comfortable hotel rooms and a well-equipped RV park are the lodging options available at this inviting retreat on the Mexican Pacific.

Its beaches, Los Venados, Las Minitas, El Atracadero and Lo de Marcos, are surrounded by green hills and whimsical rocks that contrast beautifully with the intense blue sky and sea. The scene is completed by visitors that carry out various activities such as beach volleyball, jet-skiing, jumping in the calm waves with children or even fishing off the shore.

Savor some grilled fish in one of the thatched-roof huts found along The beaches of Lo de Marcos, walk along the peaceful streets, and enjoy the delights of the sea and sand in an ambiance of complete tranquility.

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