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State of Jalisco

 Bucerias | Nearby

Venture away from your hotel and enjoy unforgettable dining experiences, memories and local markets
(Thursday & Saturday).




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The Best of Puerto Vallarta!

As a beach destination, Puerto Vallarta has been known for its warmth of its people and known as one of the friendliest places in the world. Its uniqueness is seen as traditions mix with a modern era. Nestled among the Sierra Madre mountains with its tropical forests, rivers and waterfalls, this destination makes it one of the most popular in Mexico.

The city streets are filled with action of markets, culture, restaurants, architecture, art, malecon sculptures, beach, palm trees and other stunning contrasting landscapes. Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of activities and experiences waiting for you.

In Bucerias, we appreciate how this city has helped us drawn in foreign visitors to the area, many feel felt like Bucerias in its beginnings so there are lots in common. Take some time to visit them, whatever your plan is: romance, adventure, relaxation, family or friends, you can find the perfect options in the entire bay!