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Make the Best of Your Stay in Bucerias Mexico!

Nestled on the shore of Banderas Bay, Bucerias Mexico has become a home and a perfect vacation spot to many that enjoy the quieter side of life. Our guide will share the best of this beautiful town with you!



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Bucerias means
“Place of Divers”

Built on the traditions of ‘diving’ (buceo), derives the name Bucerias as many of the inhabitants were traditional oyster fishermen.

About Bucerias

Embrace the traditions

Known for its slower pace, Bucerias has the charm of a little Mexican village. Come meet the friendly locals, artists, and sandy beaches and cobblestone streets.

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Endless varieties of dishes to explore!

Our area boasts some of the freshest local produce and seafood caught nearby. Add to that, traditional dishes like Enchiladas, Chilaquiles, Tacos, Burritos and more!

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Local markets, a popular attraction.

Enjoy outdoor markets with fresh food, local artisans, and specialty items. Find something special and enjoy some free live entertainment too!

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