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Sergio Santana

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English speaking services include Immigration applications, will handle your renewals, translations, business and vehicle licenses and court certified translations.

Sergio Santana Overcomes Immigration Hurdles

Thinking of applying or obtaining a Permanent or Temporary Residence in Mexico? You will need help. Become temporary residents up to 4 years without bank statements and complicated paperwork!

Temporarily, Mexico is offering an incredible opportunity to become temporary residents up to 4 years without bank statements and complicated paperwork – if this interests you, fill out the form today to inquire.


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Lost your temporary residency or want to upgrade to permanent residency?

  • Sergio Santana services are offering immigration law services.
  • Court certified translation.
  • Immigration services for the purpose of applying to live, reside, study or work in Mexico.
  • Offering legal advice to individual business partners to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Mexico.
  • Applying for Mexican citizenship.


  • Immigration – Temporary / Permanent Resident Visa
  • Labor Law – Work Visa
  • Real Estate
  • Family Law
  • Translation

Leave your Immigration challenges to an expert

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With expertise on tax, and labor laws, they can help with issues such income tax, tax liability for Mexican-source income, restrictions on Mexican companies hiring foreign individuals. Also rules governing the client’s importing household goods, automobiles and personal effects, including pets.

Specializing in Immigration Law Services

Sergio Santana

In a few words the best thing I feel we have is that we have an office that gives our clients peace of mind.

We are a team that is not only me, which guarantees a better service and finally because we give a complete service in all aspects that foreigners need to enjoy their stay in the country without worrying about anything.

Specializing in Court Certified Translation

Fernanda Gomez

Fernanda Gomez is an Expert Translator.  She can help you translate any legal document that is in English to Spanish and Spanish to English, She also works with other translators so she can help in several other languages.

She is also an Environmental Engineer and does a lot of Environmental Impact Studies, it may be to make a lawsuit against a neighbor, or to help you cut down a tree from your property (you need permission) or even to get a construction permit, sometimes the Government requires an MIA (environmental impact manifest) or an IP (environmental impact Preventive Report). She has done AMUR project in El Tigre, Vaha project in Valle Dorado and many more in Punta de Mita, Bucerias and Sayulita.

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Calle Morelos No. 54, Bucerias


Monday – Friday (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Outside of Mexico? Temporary Resident Visa Requirements

  1. You have a monthly income, equal or greater than $2,800 USD during the last 6 months.
  2. You have investment accounts or bank accounts with an average monthly balance of $46,000 USD during the last 12 months.
  3. You have a real estate property in Mexican national territory of $370,000 USD.
  4. You participate in the capital stock of a Mexican corporation with a participation of more than $185,000 USD.
  5. If you have a business in Mexico in which you have hired at least 3 workers with their social and legal benefits.
  6. By offer of employment, a company or individual who has permission to hire foreigners applies to immigration to give you a temporary residence permit for the time they need you to work

Outside of Mexico? Permanent Resident Visa Requirements

1. You have a monthly pension of $4,600 USD in the last 6 months.

2. You have investments or bank statements of an average monthly balance of $185,000 USD during the last 12 months.