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Bucerias Art Walk

Local Artisans & Art Galleries

Thursday Nights
(Nov – Apr, 6pm – 9pm)

Play | Local Artisans & Galleries

Explore local artists and Galleries at the Art Walk in Bucerias.

Artists from Bucerias & Nearby areas

Bringing Art to the Streets!

Explore the area of Bucerias where art is alive. Many of the local galleries are close to each other in the golden zone parallel to the beach on Lazaro Cardenas and easy to walk from one to the other. Its a great opportunity to view some amazing featured artists and spend a relaxing artistic evening.


Scenes from the Art Walk

Featured Galleries

Christy Beguesse

A Broken Art

Bucerias Art Walk founder, Christy Beguesse was influenced by Puerto Vallarta’s art galleries promoting their art and decided to do the same here on the north shore.

She started the Art Walk back in 2009 with the goal of helping artists who may not own their own galleries, today its a big part of the culture here in Bucerias.

Check out her own collection:

  • Ceramic art
  • Customizing furniture
  • Wall murals
  • Ceramic classes
Collector Jan Benton

Jan Marie Boutique

Bio from their website,

“I was anxious to show the amazing array of Mexican furniture and art  for both new home owners moving to Bucerias who were having difficulty knowing where to find that special piece for their new houses and condos and also for the brilliant artists and artisans whose work was not well represented in the region.

Mark and I have been traveling Mexico for 20 years buying for the small Boutique next to Mark’s and had many contacts and artists who were happy to work with us.

I was thrilled to work with these craftsmen designing custom pieces for clients and the Gallery. It is very rewarding when a lamp or chair arrives that started as a drawing or just an idea. Many of the towns we visit are quite poor. Although they produce great work, they don’t know how to find a market.

Buying from them has helped the artisans and their families put children in school and in better health and improved the towns’ economies overall. Some of those children are now the artists, having grown up to carry on the family business and we still buy from them.”

Artist Sandra Nitchie

Galeria Monarca

Artist and owner Sandra Nitchie, draws deep inspiration from the culture of Mexico and the tropical surroundings of the Bay of Banderas.

Galeria Monarca, named for the famous monarch butterflies that migrate annually, some flying over 3,500 miles from as far north as Canada to the high mountain area of central Mexico. Sandra chose this inspiring butterfly as a symbol for the profound transformation she has made becoming a full time artist and gallery owner in the beautiful beach town of Bucerias, Mexico.

In Galeria Monarca you will also find:

  • Charming jewelry designed by Paula Ramnaught
  • Elegant clothing designed by Sue Gavin of SusiQ Designs
  • Whimsical sculptures by Silvia Mar
  • Award winning pottery by Alex Jurado Dominguez
  • Sugar skulls delicately painted by Alfonso Castillo Hernandez
  • Talavera pottery hand crafted by local native artists
  • Greeting cards
  • Table coasters and more!
Artist Janine Kelleher

Jalu Gallery

Painting | Design | Creation

“It is the job of the artist to shed light on the human heart.”
~ Schumann~

A beautiful quote that I keep close. It is my everyday reminder that art is a purity of self-expression.

I let myself dream, drift and create through writing, painting and photography. My gallery is my sanctuary where this all comes together. It lives and breathes with me.

I would describe my work as mixed media. The paints are oils, the canvas is glass and the pieces are a mixture of natural elements; such as leaves and sand along with my photography and painting. I will often use my writing in the pieces, sometimes legible and sometimes just a simple, beautiful line that dances across the painting.

I feel inspired when I am outside and connected to the earth, and because of this connection, I have chosen to work directly on the glass. I love the idea that it is not just a work surface but an organic material, a translucent surface that changes with light, allowing it to become as much a part of the piece as the image itself.

Jorge Borbolla & Blanca

Casaborb Galeria Mexicana

Gallery owner and artist Jorge Borbolla along with his sister Blanca are proud to feature local and international artists for over 17 years in Bucerias. Featuring Artist David Silva and more.

Casaborb has a great selection of:

  • Paintings of various artists including David Silvah who portrays the cultural fusion so characteristic of Mexico and among his favorites are his collection of Don Quixotes.
  • Art from artist Vladimir Govelov
  • Glasswork
  • Furniture
  • and more…
Constantino & Crew

Linaje .925 Fine Jewelery

We think this review says everything!

“This wonderful couple owns two jewelry stores in the Centro. They design their own jewelry. They use Mexico’s treasured semi precious stones, such as the fire opal, blue opal, turquoise.

Their unique designs embrace the antique, centuries old look as well as the modern, contemporary, chic look. Everybody can find things for their own taste!

Their workmanship is superior, their prices are amazing, and they make you feel welcome! Either you purchase or not. I felt like a kid in a candy store and purchased many pieces of jewelry!” Csilla Reilly

Original Art by Sandrina

Sandrina's Boutique

Art, inspired and created by the colors and life in Mexico. Discover art from various artists and from Sandrina herself. Discover artistic plates and glasses, perfect for your home or gifts.

Sandrina also offers art classes in their inner courtyard to challenge your inner creative side.

“Totally free and easy in 1998 on a Puerto Vallarta artwalk, I decided I would try and paint after seeing a painting I LOOOVED and thought oh man I could do that… Hah!” Sandrina

Art Walk Participants

  • Galeria Monarca
  • Bahia 105W
  • Casaborb Galeria Mexicana
  • JaLu Gallery
  • Galeria Parrech
  • A Broken Art
  • Jan Marie Boutique Gallery
  • Heart And Soul
  • Sandrina’s Boutique
  • Splash of Glass
  • Linaje Jewelry

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Lazaro Cardenas, South of the main central plaza. Bucerias, Nayarit.


Thursdays (6 am – 9 pm)