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Class 5 state-of-the-art laboratory providing world-class services in Stem Cell Therapy and Biomedical research protocols.


The Renue Medical Centre & Laboratory has the most technologically advanced medical facilities and equipment, supported by systematically proven medical practices and a track record of successful treatments.

Biotechnological products are created for innovative therapies and then transitioned into conventional treatment, resulting in an increase in patient’s quality of life.

Regenerative Stem Cell Centre


No Freezing of Cells

Having The Renue Lab at The Renue Regenerative Medicine Centre guarantees no loss in bioavailability – the proportion of quality cells available and active – since the cells aren’t frozen for transportation as other facilities do.

In other words, we don’t need to freeze our cells for transport, so we preserve them better, avoiding up to a 30%+ loss during transportation.


Onsite Production

Onsite production affords total control of the entire chain of custody from the laboratory to the patient for all cellular products.

This guarantees no loss in bioavailability – In other words, we don’t need to freeze our cells for transport, so we preserve them better, avoiding up to a 30%+ loss during transportation.

There are several laboratory procedures needed before Stem Cells can be transplanted into a patient. The Renue Lab carries out all procedures and works with the best & brightest professionals – doctors, chemists, biologists, and administrative staff – to create the world’s safest and highest quality cellular products under international medical health and safety standards.


Quality Stem Cells

The advantage of having Stem Cells collected under the same roof is the quality of the cells administered within the final testing phases.

First, our biologist executes the procedure before the patient’s eyes. Then, the analysis certificate of the patient’s Stem Cells is attached to the patient’s chart on the spot.

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  • Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Biosafety Certificates: maximum 100 suspended particles per m³ of the room
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Quality assurance tests executed on the cellular product

The RENUE Lab difference

Certified professionals work with the latest technology and advanced processes to provide the best services in Stem Cell collection, expansion, cultivation, and preservation, including the production of Exosomes, Fibroblast, NK, and autologous cells.

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The RENUE Difference
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How do patients feel during the therapy?

During the first minutes of the therapy, called “diving” stage, the patients feel the pressure in their ears, just like the pressure changes experienced on a plane during take off or similar to driving down a mountain road.

How long does the therapy take?

One session of HBOT lasts generally 1.5 to 2 hours, although it varies from patient to patient. Most of the patients receive one session a day.

Is there any side effect?

The most common side effect is the effect of the pressure change in the ear cavity. This is not a serious issue and it can be prevented through pressure equalization methods.