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El Diablito
Tortas Ahogadas

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Dive into the flavor-packed world of Tortas Ahogadas at El Diablito! Discover authentic Mexican flavor, enjoy the patio or take a break from the heat and relax in the air conditioning.

Craving something deliciously different?

Signature dish features a mouth-watering pork sandwich drenched in a savory tomato sauce, topped with spicy salsa for an extra kick. Made with an original, traditional recipe and served in a warm, family-style setting, it’s perfect for those who love a bit of heat and a lot of flavor!

Try crispy Tacos Dorados and take the taste of Mexico home with our convenient to-go orders.


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Authentic flavors of Jalisco

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Torta Ahogada


120 grs - Carnitas, Buche, Cueritos

Torta de Lengua


Tongue - 120 grs

Torta de Panela


Panela cheese - 110 grs


Taco Dorado


Per piece

Taco con Panela


Per piece - 60 grs

Taco con Carne


Per piece - 60 grs

Taco con Lengua


Per piece - 60 grs


Paquete 2


1 Torta & 2 Tacos Sencillos

Paquete 3


2 Tacos con Carne, 1 Taco Sencillo & 1 Agua Chica

Paquete 4


1 Torta Ahogada & 1 Cerveca




Agua Frescas


Natural ($20), Fresca ($25 chica - $35 grande)



Corona/Pacifico ($40), Negro Modelo ($45), Artesanal ($75), Michelada ($80)


All dishes are cooked to order with fresh seafood. Vegetables and legumes are washed and disinfected beforehand. The health risks involved in the consumption of raw seafood are subject to dietary habits, allergies and predisposition, consumption being responsibility of the consumer.


Blvd. Nuevo Vallarta 50-3, Las Jarretaderas, Nay.


Wednesday – Monday: 9 am – 5 pm
Closed Tuesdays