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Dr. Benjamin Cárdenas
Guadalajara, Mexico

Medical | Oncology

More than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​oncology medicine and extensive knowledge of various surgical processes.

Quality Oncological Surgery

Experts in the management of benign and malignant tumors. With training abroad in Japan and France, we are able to offer you the management of your disease with the best quality and with the latest knowledge.


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  • Minimally Invasive Oncological Surgery
    • Using small incisions to avoid minimal damage
  • Oncological Gynecology
    • Detecting genital cancer in women, such as cervix, endometrium, ovary, among others
  • Colon Cancer Surgery
    • Including Polypectomy and local excision
  • Head and Neck Surgery
    • Focusing on malignant tumors, identified through Biopsy or Endoscopies

Hundreds of patients treated

“They are the ones that I have treated throughout my career as a Medical Oncologist, in which the vast majority have had positive results and have improved their quality of life. So I am undoubtedly prepared to help you.”

Dr. Benjamín A. Cárdenas

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A caring expert in Oncology from Guadalajara. Contact us for a second opinion or treatment options.


Degrees & Achievements

  • Medicine –  Autonomous University of Guadalajara,
  • General surgery – Juan I. Menchaca hospital at the University of Guadalajara
  • Oncological surgery – Fray Antonio Alcalde hospital at the University of Guadalajara
  • Active participant in various national and even international seminars

I will analyze your Cancer

I will listen carefully to the conditions you are experiencing, as well as those you have had over time along with your medical history to determine what situation you are in.

I will investigate your body and organism in very detail, to see where your disease originated, we will have a clearer picture to combat it and thus have better results.

Your fight against Cancer

I will be with you at all times to help you deal with this situation in the best and most positive way, I want to always be aware of your situation and for you to recover as soon as possible.

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Calle Bernardo de Balbuena 864, Guadalajara, Jal.


Monday – Friday (4:30 pm – 7 pm)